About Us


We are registered Class 2 Building contractors and Class 4 Civil contractors. We have a very solid reputation in delivering quality projects and on time. We are working overtime, to increase our capital base and capacity and move to Class 1 Building Contractors

Our Approach

Our Story

Since we were incorporated in 2000, initially as IBRA Building Contractors & General Supplies, and later as IBRA Contractors have emerged as one of the most respected general contracting firms in Tanzania. We have grown, matured and evolved into a high level construction company that focuses on buildings, roads, bridges and even dams.We have proven our ability to take on large, complex projects while demonstrating good performance in meeting the project objectives (such as budget, time and quality) successfully. Today, we are recognized as a high performance construction firm, for our strength in traditional construction methods and for our creative, fresh approach to cutting edge technologies and delivery systems.



Our staff
Our primary asset at IBRA is our people. Our company is structured and managed to provide ample opportunity and encouragement for our team members to reach their optimum potential. We place great emphasis on the training and development of all employees. Through our in-house mentorship scheme, the needs of our staff are identified and training programs implemented in order to effectively develop individual growth and performance.

Our philosophy
We strive to conduct our business fairly and honestly and with consideration to the long-term needs of all our stakeholders, i.e. clients, employees, subcontractors. We offer solutions that best achieve our client’s needs and goals. We guarantee personal attention to all our clients.